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The 10 Best Frozen Meals for Weight Loss

If you feel like you’re carrying extra weight from months of quarantining, you might want to consider giving frozen meals a try. They can be a good option when you’re trying to lose weight (like that “quarantine 15”) and are too busy to shop and cook — and despite what you may have heard, they can be nutritious, too. “Frozen meals can absolutely offer a healthy option for any meal throughout the day,” says Atlanta-based Kristen Smith, RDN, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and creator of 360 Family Nutrition.

You may feel drawn to comfort food in these stressful times, but frozen meals can help to keep you on track and eat less. “What I love most is that frozen meals contain built-in portion control — that is important for many people,” says Amy Shapiro, RDNReal Nutrition, New York City founder.

You can also enjoy other perks by making healthy choices. “They’re easier and healthier than ordering in, because takeaway can have more fat and sodium than you might have planned on,” Shapiro says, adding that frozen meals can be loaded with important vegetables that provide valuable vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It’s a good idea to eat plenty of vegetables. Journal of Geriatric CardiologyResearchers found that plant-based diets could help prevent and treat obesity.

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Plus, they don’t require you to have to do any complicated nutrition tabulations. “Frozen meals provide an option that takes the guesswork out of calculating calories and other macronutrients, and lower-calorie frozen meals provide a convenient, calorie-controlled option that may aid with weight loss,” adds Smith.

These are the top freezer cases.

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