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Is Eggs Good for Weight Loss? Find Out.

Eggs are full nutrients, deliciousness and good for your health. So one of the simplest things you can do if you’re attempting to lose weight is to include eggs in your diet. They can increase your feeling of satisfaction and help you eat less calories during the day. 

Eggs are a key ingredient in many food products. They add flavour, texture and colour. Eggs are a key ingredient in many delicious and healthy foods. Egg-based breakfasts can help you lose weight. According to health experts, eggs may help with weight loss if they are eaten as breakfast. This reduces the calories a person consumes throughout their day. But, it is important to incorporate eggs into a healthy diet. 

Nine essential amino acids are required to make a complete food protein. Eggs contain all nine of these essential amino acids, making them a complete protein food. Eggs are also very filling. Multiple studies have shown that eggs not only aid in weight loss but also increase metabolism. Eggs are high in protein and low calories. They can be a great addition for a balanced diet. 

Eggs and Weight Loss

Reduce your calorie intake is the best strategy to lose weight. Eggs are rich in nutrients and give the feeling that you are full. StudiesStudies have shown that eating eggs increases feelings of fullness (satisfaction) in comparison to other meals with similar calories. When combined with a fibre rich food product, it can lower food consumption in subsequent meals.

Eggs score high on a scale called the satiety indicator. High-protein diets can reduce binge eating, which can contribute to total weight gain. Eggs contain all essential amino acids so your body can efficiently use the protein in eggs to repair and increase metabolism.

Thermic effects refer to the body’s energy requirement to process food. Protein has a greater thermic affect than either fat or carbohydrates. The thermic response of food is a mechanism that increases metabolism by up to 80–100 calories per day while consuming a high-protein diet. High-protein foods such as eggs can increase calories consumption to aid weight loss.

Experts recommend eating 1-2 eggs per week for healthy adults who are in good health and have normal cholesterol levels. They also need to be free from any other risk factors that could lead to heart disease. It may even be good for your heart health, making it healthier.

The HealthifyMe Note

Boiling, poaching and scrambling are the best methods to cook eggs with minimal nutrient loss. It should be noted that raw eggs provide the greatest nutrient benefits. It is possible to become averse to raw eggs. It could lead to food poisoning, stomach upset, diarrhoea, or other health problems. 

How to Eat Eggs

There are many ways to prepare eggs. However, cooking destroys nutrients. A few cooking techniques can preserve nutrients without causing any damage.

Boiled Eggs

Boiling results in healthier food as no additional fat is needed. Eggs that are mixed with mayonnaise can cause health problems. A hard-boiled egg, cut in slices, is a healthy substitute for meat in sandwiches and other dishes. Fill the pot with water, and add a few eggs to boil. Cover the container with water and place it on a heat-proof surface. It will be ready to eat within 10-15 minutes. 

Poached eggs

Poaching involves boiling eggs without their shells. For poaching, you must delicately handle the eggs and cook them in slightly simmering water because their shells don’t protect them during the cooking process. For best results, choose fresh eggs. Do not add salt or vinegar in the poaching solution as it will alter the delicate whites’ taste.  

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs is one of the most popular ways to consume eggs. The eggs are placed directly into a hot pan (without shells). It is then stirred together while they cook. Or, the eggs can be broken into a container and mixed with salt and sugar. The mixture is then whisked together. This results in small egg curds. Scrambled eggs will not brown. To avoid browning, it is best to use a thin skillet. Once the liquid has set, you can add toppings such as herbs and cheeses. 

The HealthifyMe Note

Common misconception is that eating eggs causes weight gain. Eggs do not cause weight gain; excessive calorie intake does. If you eat a lot of eggs, you’ll have more calories than you need. It all depends on how many calories and how balanced you are. Healthy individuals should consume no more than one egg and no more than two egg whites each day. Eggs are a great food for weight loss.

Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Egg Drop Soup

Serves: 2

Preparation time10 minutes 


  • Egg: 1
  • Vegetable/chicken broth: 2 cups/475 ml
  • Black pepper: To taste 
  • Salt: To taste
  • Ground ginger: A pinch
  • Chopped spring onions: 2 Tbsp
  • 2 tbsp boiled corns


  • 2 cups vegetable/chicken stock into a large saucepan. Stir in salt, pepper and spring onions. 
  • With a fork, whisk eggs in small bowl. Use a fork to gently dip the egg into the boiling broth. The egg will cook quickly Serve it warm. 

Mini Egg Burgers

Serves: 2

Preparation time 15 minutes 


  • Eggs: 4
  • Sliced Tomato: 4 slices (approximately 25, g)
  • 4 pieces of iceberg lettuce (approximately 30 g)


  • Boil the egg for between 15-17 minutes 
  • Divide the eggs into two halves. 
  • Sandwich a lettuce leaf, a tomato slice, and an egg between the eggs.
  • To keep the object in its place and prevent it falling, insert a toothpick.
  • Serve it. 

Egg Salad

Serves: 2

Preparation time20 minutes 


  • Eggs: 2 
  • Cucumber: 1 Cup/150 g (chopped in bite-size).
  • Cherry tomatoes: 1 cup/100 g 
  • Green lettuce: 2 cups/200g (trimmed, chopped).

For olive oil lemon dressing

  • Olive oil: 1 tablespoon (45 ml).
  • Dejon mustard: 1 tablespoon (20 g).
  • Lemon juice: 5 ml
  • Pepper: To taste
  • Salt: To taste


  • After boiling the eggs, cut them into rounds.
  • Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces and set them aside. 
  • Combine all ingredients in a jar. Whisk well. 
  • Mix eggs, veggies and dressing in a bowl. 
  • Mix well and serve immediately 

Note: Depending on one’s preferences and requirements, the number of eggs may increase or decrease. You can add more fruits and vegetables if you wish.

What to Look Out For

Overeating eggs can cause bloating, nausea, stomach problems, and other issues. It is a rich source of protein but too much could cause damage to the kidneys. If you have an egg allergy, avoid eating eggs.


Weight loss requires a lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle and adding eggs to your diet will help you achieve optimal results.

Eggs are a low-calorie, high-nutrition food that is rich in protein. It is easy to cook eggs. Whole eggs are recommended by dieticians and health experts for weight loss.

Patients with metabolic syndrome need to be careful about how much they eat and still get enough exercise. For patients with metabolic syndrome, it is recommended to eat more egg yolks and fewer whites.

Source: healthifyme

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