Young mum slammed for claiming benefits

Many mothers will face the difficult decision of when to return work after welcoming their child into the world.

Every woman’s situation is different – some parents may not be able to afford to stay at home with their child, so rush back to work shortly after birth, whereas others find themselves able to stay at home with their newborn for months, if not years.

Emma Dunn, one woman, was the one who took to TikTok to explain her situation and revealed that people always ask her why she hasn’t gone back to work yet after having her daughter, The Sun reports.

The young mum’s child is almost three-years-old and she explained that people always question her and ask: “Why aren’t you going back to work yet? Why wait until she’s three?

“Claiming benefits for three years?”

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However, Emma has set the record straight and explained why she isn’t rushing back to work after giving birth to her child.

“I worked since I was 14, I paid my taxes, so I won’t feel bad for taking three years,” she said.

“I want to spend as much time with my daughter before she has to go into education.

“Not everyone chooses to go straight back to work after having a baby and that’s ok!”

Following posting the video, Emma added: “Also, if you did go back to work this is no hate to you, everyone does things differently and nobody should be shamed for that regardless!

Emma’s video has sparked a lot of conversation on TikTok and has quickly racked up 149.3k views. It has been shared 26 times, 422 comments and 4,945 likes.

Many moms quickly shared their love for Emma in the comments and said they were also in the same position.

“And sometimes your job isn’t worth doing with the cost of childcare,” one person said.

“Until they can give affordable childcare I will not feel ashamed of claiming,” another added.

“Being a parent is the most important job, we go back to work when we’re ready,” a third commented.

Someone else explained: “I haven’t worked since I had my second child and I won’t be going back to work anytime soon either, for my reason, you shouldn’t need to explain why”.

One user asked: “Genuine Q- how do you afford it? I only get £1000 ($A1,700) UC (Universal Credit) and my rent is £625 ($A1,060). I HAVE to go back to work” to which Emma confirmed “You just cut everything down, I have a budget book and honestly it’s helped me so much!

“Write all your income and then what goes out and what you can”.

This article first appeared in The SunIt was reproduced with permission


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