Woman’s reveals the secrets behind her incredibly organised pantry

The stunning organisation of a mum’s butler’s pantry has attracted awe from her online following.

Tanzin Cook, who is based in Sydney, shared photos showing her meticulously organised fridge, drawers, and cupboards.

Many couldn’t believe how incredible the attention to detail was.

Tanzin told the kitchen’s organisation began when an opportunity came up to redesign her family’s kitchen which, while nice, was small and dysfunctional.

“I wanted a kitchen and pantry that was beautiful, but more importantly functional and practical, designed especially in mind for easy access and view,” Tanzin said.

Images showed the pantry divided into different types of beverages, spices individually packaged, labelled, and drawers containing little snack packets.

The first step was to install as many draws as possible, and keep the pantry doors wide open so her family could always view what was on offer.

For the same reason, food was also moved into clear, airtight containers and easily accessible pull-out drawers.

Mini shelves are available so she can reach each item easily.

The drawers contain bamboo boxes that can be used to store snacks, excess groceries, and all other cake baking tools, as well as daily-use utensils like cutlery.

The majority of storage solutions come from Little Label Co, Amazon Australia, Kmart Australia.

She explained that measuring the organisation tools needed is critical to ensure flow.

Tanzin stated that maintenance is easy and takes almost no time.

“I love to cook, and it’s become even more enjoyable since my kitchen and pantry have been sorted because everything is in easy reach and I’m not wasting any time trying to find where things are,” she said.

“Grocery shopping is also simplified now because I can see what’s needed without anything hiding in the back of a shelf.”

She joked that her children have more willpower than her and don’t rifle through the drawers for snacks.

The kitchen’s incredible layout was a hit with social media users.

“I love having organisation inspo in my life thanks to you Tanzin,” one social media user said.

“You are my inspiration,” another added.

A third said: “Glad I’m not the only one who loves to line things up like this.”

Another simply said: “Draw goals.”

Tanzin said the kitchen design had changed hers and her family’s life for the better and improved her wellbeing.

Tanzin added that the kitchen design helped her live by the motto: “A place for everything and everything in its place”.

“Many people – parents especially – will know just how frustrating it can be to try and find things, particularly in a moment of rush, so keeping spaces in my home organised alleviates this problem,” she said.

“It has also encouraged a lot of independence in my children who know where everything is and do many things on their own with confidence.

“I want my home to bring me calm and ease, which I am achieving through creating spaces that work for us as a family.

“In my experience, an organised home is an organised mind.”

Tanzin shares her tips for a successful organisation Instagram.

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