Woman sacked for getting face tattoo

A restaurant worker was fired just moments before getting the star design tattooed on her cheek – despite bosses approving the decision, she claims.

An employee was sacked from her job as she sat in a tattoo chair just moments before having her face inked – despite bosses approving the decision, she claims.

Alexis Creighton, 22, informed her manager that she intended to get a small star design on her cheek but as she sat in a tattoo shop just four days later, she received a call to say she’d been sacked, The US Sun reports.

The restaurant worker, from Canada, who already had visible tattoos before the shock sacking, says her manager seemed “disgusted” by the idea but approved the tatt due to its small size and the fact the design would be inoffensive.

Just minutes before she was put under the needle, she claims her bosses had a bizarre reason for firing her. They claimed she lived too far from her workplace.

Alexis claims she told her boss exactly when she was going to get her face tattoo. She believes it was no coincidence that her boss decided to give her the boot the same day.

The restaurant worker who shared her story. TikTok, told The Sun Online: “I knew it was a very visible spot for a tattoo, but at the same time I figured ‘what’s the difference between the tattoo on my arm and my face’ they see my arm all the time so why should that be an issue.

“While I was sitting in the chair getting my face tattooed I honestly didn’t think anything about me getting fired.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted and I know I’m a great employee and I know it doesn’t affect my work ethic or my personality.

“After I asked for permission, my employer said that it was okay though it wouldn’t be appreciated.

“Because it was only going to be one star … it was okay because it wasn’t considered inappropriate or rude.

“I was upset about being fired and very mad, it was two days before my probation period was about to end and a day before I was supposed to go back to work.

“ … They didn’t give me a reason for me being fired and when I asked she hesitated and said there was an issue with the location.

“I used to travel every morning for over an hour by bus to get to my shifts, so when I ask if they can relocate me to a closer restaurant … they said they couldn’t.”

Tatt sack

Alexis started the job almost three months ago. She already had two tattoos, one visible on her right arm.

She claims the restaurant was impressed at her work ethic and efficiency and didn’t have any concerns about her other Inkings.

She was convinced that the company would be more accommodating to tattoos in the office and she did the design.

“I decided to get my tattoo back in February 2022, I figured in the times that we live in tattoos are becoming more and more popular and more accepted,” she said.

“The day I asked my boss and she gave me permission, she definitely had a judging look on her face as if she was disgusted. Deep down I knew why I was fired …”

Alexis claims that she has received multiple job offers since having the star tattooed on one cheek. She has also added stars to the design.

She also plans on covering her body with art. She claims that her facial tattoo makes she feel confident and attracts lots and lots of compliments.

“I’ve always wanted to be covered in tattoos, my love for tattoos is permanent whereas me working there definitely wasn’t,” she said.

“I planned on leaving eventually, not as soon but since I’ve been fired I’ve had multiple job offers since.

“ … When a door closes and a window opens!”

This article was originally published in The US SunIt was reproduced with permission


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