Why US mum will give birth ‘twice’

A first-time mum in the US has explained why she will give birth to her daughter “twice” in the space of 14 weeks.

As reported by The SunJacqueline Schumer revealed this in a TikTokclipShe has received over two million views claiming that her unborn child has Spina Bifida.

A birth defect is a condition in which the spine and spinal chord fail to develop or close properly while the baby’s still in the womb. In severe cases, damage to the nervous system can lead to paralysis, incontinence and loss of sensation.

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“When you find out that you have to give birth at 23 weeks GA (gestational age) baby so she can get spinal surgery,” Ms Schumer wrote in the video.

She added that her daughter would then be put back in her body to grow her for another 14 weeks until she’s born again.

“What do they do with the amniotic sac and fluid afterwards??? Curious,” one viewer asked the mum-to-be.

Ms. Schumer responded in a separate videoShe explained that she had foetal surgical at 23 weeks. She is now 30 weeks pregnant, and is on bed rest.

She accidentally spilled a lot amniotic fluid. This was replaced with an IV fluid until the baby began to make its fluid again.

The sac was then closed by the doctors, and Ms Schumer continues to visit them weekly to monitor the fluid levels until her C-section.

“It’s absolutely incredible what they can do,” she added.

Ms Schumer captioned that her daughter was doing great, and that fluid levels were normal.

The shocking news that she would technically give her birth twice shocked viewers.

“Omg this is a thing!????” one wrote.

“My brain cannot fathom that this is possible,” another commented.

“I didn’t know this was possible,” a third wrote.

While a fourth added, “Wait what?! You can put them back in?” You can put them back in?”

This article first appeared on The SunIt was reproduced with permission


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