TikToker reveals ‘mind-blowing’ paper towel hack

A US woman has revealed exactly how you’re meant to use a paper towel holder, and you’re going to feel silly for not realising it yourself.

Prepare to feel like you’ve been dispensing paper towel wrong for your entire life – a US woman has revealed what you’re In fact meant to use the holder for, leaving her followers’ minds “blown”.

TikToker LeeAnn Larsen – who posts on the platform under the handle @leel_larsen – shared the 15-second clip over the weekend, starting with another user’s video questioning the use of the paper towel holder’s metal arches.

“Why do I feel like this should have a function? I’ve spent 30 minutes – why is this here?” the woman in the first part of the clip asks, moving a piece of paper towel around the bits of wire.

The video then switches to LeeAnn with a similar holder. LeeAnn fits a towel between two arches, then uses them to cleanly tear it off the roll.

Her footage of the hack swiftly drummed up close to 300k likes and more than 2500 comments, with hundreds of users remarking it was “mind blowing”.

“I can’t even find the words to explain how much my mind is blown,” one viewer wrote, while another said, “Yeah, I don’t think I’m doing anything right anymore.”

“ … I was today years old when …” joked another, to which one user responded, “Just feel proud you found out before you broke it off. Like my husband.”

“I thought this was for the square napkins,” one viewer wrote, referring to the arches.

“So that actually had a function. Huh,” said another.

But some viewers were less surprised – writing that paper towel holders “literally look like a paperclip, take a hint”.

“I guess I’m the rare person that knew,” wrote another, to which one viewer responded, “I knew, but it’s a pain to use. You can tear up the paper towel and it will all fall apart. I hate it.”

“You gotta [use] two hands otherwise it falls over,” agreed another, while one woman pointed out that the hack was less effective “with large rolls of paper towels”.


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