Insane amount woman gets paid for naming babies

Expectant parents are paying upward of $2,000 to a “professional baby namer” who picks the perfect moniker for their child.

Expectant parents are paying upward of $2,000 to a “professional baby namer” who picks the perfect moniker for their child.

Taylor A. Humphrey (33), from the US helped to name more than 100 babies in 2020. He earned more than $US150,000 ($A200,000), from cashed-up couples. NY Post reports.

Some parents are so panicked that they have even given up $US10,000 ($A13,000) to Humphrey in order to get a name for their children.

“If you look at the most popular baby names, it’s such a telltale sign of our cultural values and our aspirations,” Taylor told The New Yorker In a profile published Monday.

The New York businesswoman — who does not have any children — bills herself as a “passionate writer and storyteller” who is “adept at branding, marketing and social media”.

Taylor worked previously as a matchmaker. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is also a “reiki practitioner” and has “written two feature-length screenplays, and one TV pilot that explore religion, spirituality, science, futurism and the unconditional, enduring nature [of] love”.

However, Taylor said she has always been obsessed with baby names and finally found her true calling when she established her “What’s In a Baby Name” business in 2015.

Depending on how much expectant parents pay, Taylor’s services “range from a phone call and a bespoke name list to a genealogical investigation” with the aim of unearthing old family names, as reported by The New Yorker.

Parks was the name chosen by the entrepreneur to honor a couple who first kissed in Parker.

Meanwhile, she also advised an anxious mother who was considering changing her young daughter’s name — Isla — because it kept being mispronounced. She was compensated for telling her mother to keep the Scottish name.

Taylor also runs a popular TikTok profile, where she offers free advice.

According to the businesswoman, she is often approached by parents who are expecting their third or fourth child.

Taylor recently advised a mother who was expecting her third baby that she needed a name that would flow with her two older sons Emmet and Miller.

Taylor’s top picks: Grady, Wilson, Waylon and Fletcher.

Taylor said that while some might accuse couples of being lazy by stealing their baby name decisions, Taylor maintained that the paying parents are anxious perfectionists.

And if they don’t settle on her suggestions for a first name, she said they often end up as middle names.

“Sometimes you see a name like Brave on my list and you think, ‘I’m just not going to name my kid Brave’,” Taylor told The New Yorker. “But it might be worth putting on a maybe list as a thought for a middle name.”

This article first appeared on The Sun It was reproduced with permission

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