Fans baffled by “creepy” detail on Kylie Jenner’s outfit

While most of us love a big warm hug, Kylie Jenner’s latest outfit has taken that to the next level.

The 24-year-old baffled her fans earlier today after posting a photo of her wearing the “weird” fashion statement on Instagram.

Kylie’s magenta long sleeved blouse is detailed with two lifelike hands caressing the front or her torso, while her black mini skirt also has two “hands” reaching around from the back.

While some were intrigued by the outfit, others thought it was “creepy”.

“Not a vibe” one person commented.

“Is this for Halloween? It’s creepy.”

“Wtf is this dress?” another said.

“Like what is the reason for it?”

Many have pointed out the similarly between this outfit and Julia Fox’s controversial “grip” dressThe halter neck she wore to March’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party, with what appears like a human hand.

But Kylie didn’t let the comments get to her, as she posted another photo donning the outfit during an event.

The young entrepreneur is currently visiting London to promote Kylie Skin & Kylie Beauty.

Stormi and Stormi were accompanied by their daughter Stormi during a visit at Harrods, a UK department store.

“Stopped by Harrods today with goosey girl to see @kyliecosmetics & @kylieskin” she wrote.

“Wow what a dream! Thank you for having us.”

Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott came under fire recently for boasting about their ‘his and hers’ pair of private jets that they used for short flights.

The Twitter account @CelebJets posted Kylie Jenner’s plane route after she flew between two California cities, estimating that the trip would take only three minutes as opposed to a 45-minute drive.

Later, the page clarified that the total flight duration was 17 minutes. New York Post reports.

While the Twitter feed normally lists the amount of jet fuel used, the cost of fuel and the CO2 emissions, it did not do so for Jenner’s trip.

Three days after the quick flight, reality star, 24, posted an image in black-and-white of Scott, 31 and her, posing in front their private jets.

“You wanna take mine or yours?” she captioned the Instagram post.

Social media users subsequently slammed Jenner across Twitter and Instagram for being a “full time climate criminal”.


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