Cleaning hack could have kettle looking brand new

One social media user revealed the dangers of not washing your kettle.

The Facebook user took to Markdown Addicts AustraliaFacebook page to reveal that they had been growing citrus and orange trees in the backyard for 20+ years.

“Most are given away to friends, family and customers at work, but I also use lemons to clean my kettle when it gets black inside,” the social media user said.

This cleaning trick required one or two lemons to be cut into small pieces and put in a kettle. The kettle then needs to be filled with water and boiled twice.

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Two things can happen if your kettle isn’t cleaned regularly enough. It all depends on whether the water is hard or soft.

“Hardness in drinking water is mainly the result of the presence of large amounts of two minerals – calcium and magnesium. Hard water requires more soap than soft water to obtain a lather,” the original poster said.

It can cause scale to form on hot-water pipes and fittings due to the user’s addition.

Soft water, which is water that is low in calcium and magnesium, is another concern. This can lead to more corrosion of pipes.

The kettle’s interior can become blackened from the buildup.

Many thanked the Facebook poster, for sharing the cleaning hack.

“Thank you, I tried vinegar last week with mediocre results,” one person said.

“I’ve got the kettle boiling now with two lemons in it. We are grateful for a clean kettle. Bonus is that they smell delightful as well.”

Another said: “Great tip. I was just about to do mine using a brush and soap. This idea is great. I will definitely give it a go.”

A third said: “I’ve done this for years when my kettle gets the white build-up on it.

“Don’t have to worry too much about making sure it’s totally rinsed as lemon tea tastes better than vinegar or chemicals.”

Others reported similar results using store-bought white vinegar or lemon juice.

One person said they’ve even done this with leftover lemonade.

Citric acid, which is a natural disinfectant in lemons, has been used as an natural cleaning tool for many decades.

Combining lemon juice and boiling water will kill germs in your home and remove grime.


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