Can this treatment bring back the radiance of your 20s?

Have you ever wished you could bring back the youthful glow of your 20s by looking back at old photos? This new treatment can reduce wrinkles and redness inside.

If you’re anything like me, I’ve recently begun looking back at photos of myself in my early 20s, marvelling at how fresh-faced and radiant I was … and kicking myself for not embracing it.

I was seeing a loss of volume in my face, jowling and fine lines, and felt it was time to do something about it.

Rather than injecting foreign toxins into my face, it was time to look at a treatment which would naturally stimulate collagen, using my body’s own protein, to return my face to as close to the fresh-faced radiance of my 20s.

So I headed over to the stunning Skin Divinity clinic at Mermaid Beach for a treatment using Cutera’s latest miracle worker – the Laser Genesis.

This innovative technology uses laser therapy to heat the deep layers of skin. It promotes new collagen production and encourages vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

It can also be used for treating skin conditions such as redness, rosacea and large open pores.

It is a non-invasive laser which uses technology to gently go beyond the surface layers of the skin and heat the deep dermal layer using thousands of micro pulses. In bypassing the surface layer, the laser doesn’t blast the top of the skin which often leads to down time.

My treatment began with a relaxing, luxurious cleanse before the laser.

To protect my eyes, I wrapped my head in goggles and it started.

My clinician moved the laser slowly across sections of my face, feeling like a warm beam moving slowly across my skin.

She tells me some clients say it feels like ‘warm raindrops’.

It warmed my skin with minimal discomfort, other than a few sensitive areas where I felt the odd pinch.

It finished with a spin under the LED light which I’m told promotes healing.

I was prepared for a bit of temporary redness after the treatment but I experienced the opposite – my face looked smoother, clearer and my skin tone was immediately more even.

My face felt super smooth and had a glow to it.

And I was able to resume my normal activities immediately – which for me involved swinging past for takeaway Zambrero and then an afternoon of watching Real Housewives – my day off guilty pleasure.

It takes several weeks for the collagen to develop and start showing a noticeable difference – and for optimum results up to six treatments are recommended.

After one treatment, my skin tone was smoother and my redness subsided.

My skin felt tight enough to allow me to continue with treatments to achieve even better results.

Laser genesis facials starting at $300 per treatment

*The author was provided a treatment in exchange for a review

Original publication as Laser Genesis: Can this treatment bring back the radiance of your 20s?


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