Backlash after mum puts baby in heels

After posting a video featuring her baby in heels, a mom felt the full backlash from social media.

The clip was posted to TikTok by the woman showing her daughter wearing pink socks and blue high-heels. New York Post reports.

The backlash was swift.

“They can damage her feet; babies not supposed to be in heels,” one person said in the video’s comments.

“Really? Let’s completely ruin your child’s feet – what exceptional parents you are NOT,” complained another.

The mother was so outraged by the hate that she responded with her own comment.

She claimed she bought the shoes at Build-A-Bear workshop and that the video was a joke.

“​​They are Build-A-Bear shoes, they are soft and her hands was being held – thank you for all your concerns,” she said.

This caused some people to come to her defense.

“Well that’s just the best. Please read the comments as if your child wears them every day. Why’s everyone so serious? It’s a joke!” one person commented.

“I get all the hate comments IF she wore them daily. I’d so put Build-A-Bear shoes on my girl for a laugh but she’s 18 now,” another commented.

But this didn’t convince everyone that this was still an acceptable way to dress her child.

“Even if play shoes, they are just horrid,” said one of the comments.

This story first appeared at the New York Post This article has been reproduced with permission

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