‘My shock results from eating more calories’

Laura Esme wanted to feel better in her body, but after struggling to see results from cutting back she was given “game-changing” advice.

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After feeling an all too familiar pang of insecurity over her body after a long overseas vacation, a woman has revealed how she changed her outlook.

Laura Esme, 24, believes that she developed a unhealthy relationship with food after a huge trip to Europe in 2019. She indulged in delicious local cuisines.

However, upon her return to Auckland, New Zealand she revealed to that she felt unwell and decided to join her local gym.

“I was always insecure about the way that I looked. My body was never something I was proud of or happy about,” the social worker said.

Laura found the gym overwhelming at first, so she invited a friend to help her.

“I would turn up 15 minutes early to stand at the back of the class, but turning up was a huge accomplishment because I have always hated the idea of working out in front of other people,” Laura said.

Despite being initially “nervous” to use the equipment, she eventually got the hang of it, gaining confidence to use the weights and attend classes.

However, she admitted that she was more motivated to exercise and felt more fit than ever. She also admits to a lack in nutrition knowledge.

“I was over training and under eating. I would cancel plans with friends to avoid going to restaurants, and panic over family meals. If I slipped up the smallest bit I would feel extremely guilty,” she said.

“The idea of food and exercise completely took over my life.”

She was frustrated by the lack of visible results and hired Anjuli Mack, an NZ online transformation coach.

“Anjuli gave me a meal plan and a gym-based workout which I stuck to and was shocked when I started to see results.”

As a member Anjuli Fit Squad she became more educated surrounding tracking foods and counting macronutrients, adding she was “mind-blown” she could still have the foods she enjoyed without feeling guilty.

“This was a big game changer for me,” she said. “I was shocked when I saw results by eating more calories.”

Laura currently weigh trains five times per week and walks at least 10,000 steps each day.

And when it comes to her daily diet she said it’s all about whole foods from smoothies, big salads, vegetable mixes and protein-based meals.

Laura said throughout her transformation journey she realised that health and fitness is not a quick fix but it is “actually a lifestyle”.

“I definitely still have my ups and downs but do not let my ‘downs’ affect my life as it used too,” Laura said.

“I never thought I’d be happy in my body, so I feel proud at how far I have come. It shows the dedication I have put it in and the best thing I ever did was get a coach.”

Laura said it took the responsibility out of her hands and put it in someone else “which was so therapeutic in a way”.

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