Mum’s bombshell confession rocks family

A bride-to-be’s mother has refused to attend her daughter’s wedding after confessing to being secretly in love with the groom.

Before committing to your other half for the rest of your life, it’s only natural to want to get your family’s seal of approval.

What happens if your partner likes you too much? Well, that’s where things can get awkward.

She shared her dilemma on the forum WeddingBeeOne bride-to-be confessed that her mother had recently admitted to falling in love with her husband. The Sun reported.

She wrote: “I am engaged to a wonderful man I met about two years ago. We have a truly lovely relationship and I could not ask for a better partner.”

Describing how he’s “always been close” with her family, the bride said her and her partner will often accompany her loved ones on camping trips and hikes.

What’s more, her fiance and her mum are keen tennis fans and will play together on weekends – something the bride hadn’t never thought twice about before.

But earlier this month, the anonymous woman said her mum – who she’s always adored – “turned her world upside down” when she confessed to having feelings for her future husband.

She continued: “I went over to her house and she broke down almost immediately.

“She said she has feelings for John. Romantic feelings.

“She said she has been unhappy in her marriage to my dad for years and John makes her feel a way that my dad never has.”

Needless to mention, the woman was shocked by the confession. Her mum assured her that nothing had ever happened between them.

The bride added: “However, she did state that if the opportunity presented itself she would act on those feelings.”

The mother is refusing to go to the wedding and be around her son-in law until her feelings change. This has left the mom devastated.

She continued: “I was just speechless. I ended up walking away. John was able to call my mum on speaker and explain to me that she was being very inappropriate. He also wanted to make sure that nothing would happen between them.

“My mum was balling crying while he was saying this, just saying ‘I know, I know’.”

After that conversation, the bride’s mum then texted her to apologise but re-iterated that she couldn’t control her feelings.

She added: “I called my dad to tell him everything and he said he was leaving the house and going to a hotel until my mum gets therapy.

“My fiance is now being very distant from me and it has just made things terrible.”

Needless to mention, other forum members rallied around the bride.

One replied: “Not only are your mom’s feelings totally inappropriate, but she absolutely should never have shared them with you.

“If she had to keep her distance she should have just done that without exploding the lives of everyone around her.”

Another added: “Your mother never should have told you that she was having those feelings.

“She’s clearly struggling very much right now and is going through some serious pain, but by acting the way she did, she damaged her relationship with you as well. I agree that you should focus on connecting with your fiancé right now.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “You may need to accept that things will never again be the same with your mum, either in terms of time spent together or closeness.

“You may need to mourn that relationship, but either way it is gone.”

This story was first published on The SunThis article has been republished with permission


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