Have Saunf Water And Tulsi Detox Water In The Morning For Healthy Body, Skin And Hair

A morning ritual that promotes wellness is a great way to start your day. There are many healthy beverages that can fill up your empty stomach at any hour of the day. You can choose from lemon honey water to herbs and seeds-infused waters. You can be sure that these healthy beverages will help you in many ways. Is it possible to make a simple, easy-to-make recipe and have it ready for you to enjoy the next morning as you wake up? These two recipes will help you flush out toxins and promote healthy hair and skin. 

These detox water recipes were created by Akanksha J. Sharda, a dietitian, on her Instagram account ‘_healthonmyplate. These seeds water should be consumed every day for maximum benefits, she suggests. Have a look at the following post: 

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Detox Water to Maintain a Healthy Body, Hair and Skin 

Fennel Seeds (Saunf), Water: This drink is anti-inflammatory and helps to improve digestion.  

Basil Seeds (Tulsi beej) Water: This beverage also helps to prevent constipation, acidity, and heartburn. It has a cooling impact on the body. 

According to Akanksha J.Sharda (dietitian), both these water recipes can be used to create strong, healthy hair. 

How to make seeds water: 

Mix one teaspoon of basil seeds or fennel seeds in a glass. Add water to the glass. Stir well and let the seeds’ nutrients soak in the water overnight. Take it out of the fridge and consume it within one hour of waking up. 

The amazing health benefits of seeds soaked with water are well-known. Saunf and tulsibeej are two examples of the many health benefits of chia seed water. Here’s how you can make it. You can even try it ajwain water recipeFor high blood sugar, you can try methidana or acidity. 

These morning detox water recipe recipes will make seeds a part of your daily diet.  

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