An Archies Theme Cake To Mark Suhana Khan’s Acting Debut, Courtesy Of Gauri Khan

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is accompanied by Gauri Khan’s daughter, Suhana. She is now ready to make her acting debut with The Archies. Director Zoya Akhtar released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie. It is basically an Indian version of the Archies comics. Suhana and her loved ones are excited about this film since its announcement. Social media has been abuzz with love for the teaser and glimpses of it have been shared. And, now, Gauri has shared a snap of a delicious “Archies” theme cake dedicated to Suhana and her new venture. The film’s poster was featured on the massive cake, which included Suhana and all the actors. The cake is surrounded by four delicious cupcakes featuring Suhana’s photos. 

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Take a look

Did you find this post making you crave cakes? Don’t worry if you did. We have some delicious recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. These recipes can be used to make mouth-watering cakes at your home.

1) Moist chocolate cake

You want to enjoy a chocolaty, rich treat? This moist chocolate cake is your best choice. It’s divine and will not disappoint with its rich-chocolaty texture, indulgent taste, and delicious flavor. So what are you waiting for? Now, get in the kitchen to quickly bake some cake for your family.

2)3-minute chocolate cake

You don’t need to make elaborate arrangements every time you bake a cake. Sometimes it’s as easy as this 3-minute chocolate recipe. This is a simple and delicious mug in a cake recipe that can be made in no time.

3) Fruit cupcakes

These delicious fruity cupcakes are a great alternative to regular chocolate cakes. They are adorable little delights, packed with fruit goodness and topped off with whipped cream. This is a must-try if you love desserts made with fruits.

4) Red velvet cupcakes in eggless

Red velvet cupcakes are a great option for a relaxing evening with friends. You can also add beetroots for a healthy twist.

5) Festive cupcakes

Are you stuck for ideas on how to treat your loved ones? This recipe is for you. These little cupcakes will surely delight foodies.  

Enjoy these sweet delights throughout your week.


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