The Best Sleep Essentials to Keep You Cool and Comfy During Hot Nights

Whether you’re feeling the effects of the summer heat wave or you’re just a hot sleeper all year long, swapping in some cooling bedding—think crisp percale sheet sets and pillowcases, gel-infused mattress pads, and breezy, breathable PJs—can make a serious difference. You will not only avoid the discomfort caused by overheating (hello, night-sweats), but you will also get a better nights sleep overall.

We’ve compiled the best cooling bedding available right now to improve your sleep and make this summer more bearable. From bestselling cooling bed sheets from Brooklinen to five-star-rated cooling pillows from Amazon to temperature-regulating comforters that won’t turn your bed into a puddle, these sleep products will upgrade your bedroom in a major way (and hopefully lead to less sweaty nights).


There are many options for cooling sheet sets. There are many fabric options available for cooling sheet sets. These include percale, Tencel Lyocell bamboo, classic organic cotton and bamboo. Each of these fabrics has its own moisture-wicking properties. Brooklinen’s Classic Core bedding sets are a great choice for those who prefer a crisp feel. They are made of long-staple cotton with percale weaves that have a 270th thread count. For a softer feel that still promotes plenty of airflow, go for Leesa’s wrinkle-resistant, sateen-weave cotton sheets, or the Tencel sheets from Casper and Sheex—this fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and wonderfully light.

Linen sheets are not something to be overlooked, especially if you love their unique scratchy feel. You don’t have to buy luxury sheets if you are on a budget. Bedsure’s cooling bamboo sheet sets, which feature a fitted sheet and deep pockets for a secure fit, is an option. Our associate wellness director recommends the Molecule Percale sheets and says they’re “not too wrinkly, not too soft (I like a crisp, hotel feel), and breathable enough that I don’t wake up sweaty and annoyed.”

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set in Queen Size

Leesa Sheet Set (Queen Size)

Sheex Arctic Aire Max Sheetset (Queen Size).

Casper Hyperlite Sheets (Queen Size).

Flax Home Sheet Set (Queen Size).

Bedsure Bamboo Cooling Sheets (Queen Size).

Performance sheets for Molecule percale

Dapu Pure Linen Sheets Set (Queen Size)

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The right pillow can reduce neck and shoulder pain as well as help you stay cool. Sheex’s Infinite Zen pillows are extremely supportive. They have a slightly larger design that can be used with standard/queen or king-size pillowcases. And the cooling gel top layer helps to keep you cool. GhostBed, a high-quality, highly-rated pillow that regulates body temperature and wicks sweat away, will provide the same pleasant chill sensation. There are no hot pillows with these cooling options. OrThe cold side of the pillow 

Ghostbed Memory Foam Pillow (Queen Size).

Sealy Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Sheex Infinite Performance Pillow

SnugglePedic Adjustable Cooling Cushion (Queen Size).

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Bedding and Mattress Toppers

These accessories can add a finishing touch to your sweat-free bed. The Leisure Town quilted mattress topper adds a touch of luxury to any mattress and is cool to the touch. Buffy’s cooling comforter made of eucalyptus and Nectar’s breathable cotton duvet will keep you cozy even as the temperatures rise (just make sure to have a cover for the Nectar).

Leisure Town Mattress Pad (Queen Size).

Zinus Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory foam Mattress Topper (Queen Size).

Nectar Duvet (Queen Size).

Buffy Breeze Comforter (Queen Size)


We love pajamas in all stripes, but these breezy sets are the ones we reach for when it gets hot. They’re made from ultra-breathable, cooling fabrics like silk, rayon, viscose and silk, as well as the Tencel and bamboo mentioned above. No matter what fabric you choose, you can expect a cool and refreshing snooze.

GYS Bamboo Full Slip Chemise Nightgown

Nordstrom Moonlight Eco Short Pajamas

Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set

Appliances and Accessories

You can also set up a fan, a thermostat, or simply roll your face with an ice-cold roller before you go to bed. You can also enjoy a Kin nightcap, which is a tasty, non-alcoholic way to send you off to dreamland. 

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 HEPA Air Refresher & Fan

Google Nest Learning Thermostat


Side sleepers and stomach sleepers as well as stomach sleepers and combination sleepers deserve a cool, comfortable mattress that regulates their body temperature throughout the night. There are many beds that are made for hot nights, such as the SELF Certified Casper Nova Snow Hybrid mattress and models that are specifically designed to help with relaxation and recovery from Brooklyn and Bear Bedding. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t shout out Tuft & Needle’s cooling Mint memory foam mattress, which is also readily available for order through Amazon.

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress, Queen Size

Bear Pro Mattress (Queen Size).


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