7 Effective Yoga Asanas that will Help with Diabetes

Yoga is vital to your mental and physical health. You may already know this. Do you know that if you don’t have the right guidance, you might not get the results you want? Yoga for diabetes is one of those categories. Diabetes should not be taken lightly. Diabetes can be prevented by proper nutrition, lifestyle and exercise. Yoga is more than a way to get fit. It is a way to improve your quality of life. Here are 7 effective yoga asanas for diabetes.  

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7 Yoga Asanas to Help with Diabetes

#1 Sun Salutations, (Surya Namaskar).

Sun salutations are the first and most beneficial pose in yoga for diabetics. It is a great way of increasing your heart rate and stretching your entire body. Sun salutations can also be used as a warm-up before doing any asana, or simply going for a walk.

There are many variations of sun salutations. Sun salutations can improve blood sugar levels, blood circulation, and even straighten your body. It regulates insulin in your body.


  1. Stand straight up on your mat. Keep your abdomin pulled down and your palms together. As you inhale, raise your hands and stretch your arms to the back. Inhale, extend your spine and slowly descend. Relax your neck by looking down. 
  2. Inhale, and then place your right leg back on the ground. Ensure that your left knee is at the 90° angle and your palms are flat on the floor. Keep your head straight. Keep your head straight and breathe. Now, move your left leg back and get into a plank position. 
  3. Keep your body straight. Inhale, and bring your knees to the floor. Slowly lower your hips. Slowly inhale and raise your upper body. Then, look up with the top of your head. When you feel your chest lift, exhale. Invert your body into a V-shape. Place your heels and palms on a flat surface. Then, stretch your spine. 
  4. While inhaling, place your right foot forward and extend your right leg. Get your left leg in front of your body and  exhale. Now, bend down and touch your toes. Next, place your palms on a flat surface and stretch. Inhale, raise your arms, stretch your back, and then join your palms together. 
  5. Continue on the left side.  

Slowly practice Sun Salutations for 4-8 rounds. 

#2 Lie down Body Twist (Folded leg Lumbar Stretch)

The second favorite yoga move for diabetes is the lying down body twist. It focuses on improving digestion by massaging the inner organs. It can reduce blood sugar levels, even though it puts pressure on the abdominal organs.  


  1. Lay flat on your back, with your palms facing you. 
  2. Your left knees should be at the level of your chest. Then, bend your right side over your left. Your knee should be at your hip. 
  3. Keep this position for 30 seconds, then move to the opposite side. 

#3 Bow Pose (Dhanurasana).

Bow pose is a great way to get rid of fatigue. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, reduces constipation and regulates the pancreas. It has been recommended to balance blood sugar levels. 


  1. Place your hands on the sides of your body and lie down on your stomach.
  2. Slowly, bring your knees forward and grasp your ankles with both your hands.
  3. Breathe in deeply and lift your chest up. Next, stretch your legs out by pulling your legs up. You should feel the stretch in your arms and thighs.
  4. For 12-15 seconds, hold the pose, paying attention to what you are doing.
  5. Slowly lower your chest, legs and feet back to the earth. Next, let go of the ankles. Relax your hands and fingers on the sides. Continue doing this for several sets.

#4 Seated-forward Bend, (Paschimottanasana).

This yoga asana is for those who want to use yoga for diabetes. For people with diabetes, a forward bent sitting position is a great option. It lowers blood pressure, controls diabetes, and balances insulin levels. This pose is also popular for its ability to aid in weight loss. It can also help with anxiety, stress, fatigue, headaches, and fatigue. 


  1. Straighten your legs by extending your legs straight from the ground. 
  2. Take a deep breath and raise your hands. 
  3. Try to touch your toes by laying your hands on the ground. 
  4. Touch your chin towards your chest. 
  5. Continue to hold the pose for 60 seconds while maintaining normal breathing.    

#5 Legs up to the wall (Viparita Karani).

Legs up the wall can stimulate your pancreas to improve your diabetes management. It lowers stress, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. It is also a great place to relax as it increases circulation, energy, and overall relaxation.  


  1. Fold a towel and place it against the wall. 
  2. Lay on your back and bring your legs up, and create a 90° angle while touching the wall. 
  3. Relax your neck, neck and chin.
  4. Spread your arms out and face upwards. 
  5. For 5-10 minutes, you can stay in this position. 
  6. After that, slide your legs down slowly.  

Repeat the process on the opposite side. 

#6 Bhujangasana (Upward Facing Dog Pose)


Your quadriceps muscles, spinal extensors, triceps brachii and spine brachii all work together to increase muscle strength. It ultimately lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It improves posture and is mildly therapeutic for asthma patients. 


  1. Place your hands on your stomach and straighten your legs. 
  2. Place your forearms parallel to the floor and place your arm beside the last ribcage. 
  3. Lift your body by extending your arms. 
  4. Put pressure on your feet. 
  5. Maintain the straight position for between 30-40 secs with normal breathing.

#7 Corpse Pose (Shavasana).


Yoga for diabetes includes the final step, corpse pose. You can start with any type of yoga asana but must end with corpse pose. It has the ability to lower blood sugar and balance blood pressure. It also calms your mind and body. It will bring your body to a state of meditative where you will not feel stress. It’s also a traditional way for you to end your yoga session. 


  1. Spread your feet slightly wider so that you can lie straight. 
  2. By aligning your body in a straight line, you can create a Y-shaped shape. 
  3. Feel your breath, your hands, legs and feet, your abdomen, stomach, eyes, ears and every other part of your body. 
  4. Relax and let go of stress. 
  5. For 15-20 minutes, you can hold this position.


Yoga can be a lifestyle choice for some, and a way to keep your body and mind healthy for others. Experts recommend yoga as a way to manage diabetes. You don’t have to be skeptical about yoga for diabetes management. However, it requires you to make a commitment to your health and lifestyle. Follow this guide to help you manage diabetes if you want to keep your health in top shape. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).

Q. Is yoga beneficial for diabetes patients?

A. Yes, yoga can be extremely beneficial to diabetics. You don’t need to do all of the yoga poses. Pick any four. Keep practicing.

Q. Q. Does yoga permanently balance blood sugar?

A. Yes, yoga can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level. It is important to practice yoga regularly. You don’t have to devote one hour to yoga. Try doing it for 30 minutes every day.

Q. Q.

A. Sun Salutations is the best yoga pose for diabetics. If you practice 10 to 12 rounds of Sun Salutations, it will gradually help you to fight diabetes along with regular Pranayama like Nadi suddhi pranayama & Bhramari Pranayama.

Q. Q.

A. Yoga is good for stretching your body, strengthening your muscles, and relaxing your body. It unites your abdominal organs and helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Q. Can yoga cure type 2 diabetes?

A. Yoga poses are a treatment for type 1 diabetics. It prevents the growth of new pancreatic cells in type 2 diabetes. When you stretch your pancreas with yoga asanas, it balances insulin production. This eventually prevents type 2. 

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